"I really appreciated your class in that it was a lot more teaching of concepts than just supervised painting for the students."

Rob F.   Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Value to Color Workshop

“I feel like it was a master class in value and color. I wish I had taken your class sooner. I look forward to taking more of your classes and workshops.”

Mina E. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Value to Color Workshop

"Your feedback to all of us was amazing because it was specific, detailed and helpful without a smidge of judgement. The planning for your assignments made the actual painting soooo much easier."

Susan M. Online and In person Watercolor, Color Theory and Drawing

"I think you have the best combination of talents: experience and knowledge of technique and art history plus encouragement and kindness. I’ve learned so much from you!"

Suzanne Y. Online and In person Watercolor and Color Theory

"I took the class to support VisArts in their effort to go online with their classes. I did not expect to have a great learning experience because I could not imagine a studio art class online. As it turned out, there were so many extras in this class – the videos, the FB postings, the handouts – that the overall learning was very rich and full, especially for a five-week class.”

Jo K. Online Introduction to Watercolor

"Just wanted to let you know that Tuesday's class more than met my expectations ... I learned more in two hours with you than in a previous 10-week course. Thanks for being prepared with a plan to teach starting at A.

Also, thanks for the "book". I read it thru last night and now have a good idea where we are going, altho am not at all clear about some of it. But i appreciate having the "guide/reference" of the book - and a place to take notes."

Winn W. Visual Arts Center Introduction to Watercolor

"As a beginner, I especially appreciated the way you explained and demonstrated the steps for foundational techniques. Your ready willingness to answer questions – often with a demo on the spot – made the difference time and again. I’ll be sure to keep all the great takeaway tools and resources handy!"

Julia S. Vis Arts Introduction to Watercolor

From College Evaluations

Anonymous Students-

"I have ADHD and understood it so it must be organized."
"I got feedback that helped me improve"
"I learned a lot more because I was allowed to ask questions and encouraged for doing so."
" (T)his class was really fun and I'd love to take it again."