Kathy Calhoun is a Richmond Virginia based painter who has spent the last 13 years developing her eclectic visual language that shifts between classicism to abstraction. Working with the tools of color, composition and paint application, her goal is for the viewer to contemplate a deeper connection both within themselves and their world.  
Kathy discovered her interest in art around age 7 in her mom’s studio (a.k.a. the kitchen table) with that groovy’s 70s stand-by, tole painting. She then furthered her studies by breaking into her older brother’s room to hand-copy some of his album covers.  Only after two art degrees, 20 years of teaching art, studying in Paris and New York did Kathy discover that this was a time honored master teaching technique for classicism. 
Since then, Kathy has had a few solo exhibits, her work now gets awards, occasional press and can be found in collections scattered around the United States and Europe.  

Teaching Philosophy

Her approach to teaching art is a lot like the method she used to get her children to drive…learn how to start the car before planning the road trip.  A firm believer in the know-the-rules-before-you-break-them mantra, Kathy uses a mini version of the classical atelier approach to introduce the foundational design and compositional techniques needed for realism.  She then encourages her students to discover which techniques they want to toss, or manipulate to express their unique voice.

Finding a vibrant balance between discipline and creativity is her inspiration in both the classroom and studio.