"Just wanted to let you know that Tuesday's class more than met my expectations ... i learned more in two hours with you than in a previous 10-week course.  Thanks for being prepared with a plan to teach starting at A. 
Also, thanks for the "book".  I read it thru last night and now have a good idea where we are going, altho am not at all clear about some of it.  But i appreciate having the "guide/reference" of the book - and a place to take notes."

Winn W. VIs Arts Introduction to Watercolor

"As a beginner, I especially appreciated the way you explained and demonstrated the steps for foundational techniques. Your ready willingness to answer questions – often with a demo on the spot – made the difference time and again. I’ll be sure to keep all the great takeaway tools and resources handy!"  

Julia S. Vis Arts Introduction to Watercolor

“This artist actually teaches, and provided a wealth of information in various forms.  She was kind and encouraging, but willing to talk with you about things that "don't quite work."

Sheryl L. Vis Arts Student

From College Evaluations anonymous students-

" I have ADHD and understood it so it must be organized."
"I got feedback that helped me improve"
 "I learned a lot more because I was allowed to ask questions and encouraged for doing so."

" (T)his class was really fun and I'd love to take it again."

Introduction to Watercolor Visual Arts Center Richmond, Virginia
Tuesdays 10-12:30  Fall/ Spring 2019


This class is really for beginners to intermediate level. 

A love of experimentation and curiosity are the most important tools to bring to this class; basic drawing skills are helpful but not required. Beginning with an exploration of materials, then moving to application methods (wet-on-wet, glazes, blocks, resists and lifts) with additional instruction including: work area set-up, composition set-up, lost and found edges, transferring imagery, and methods for controlling the paint. With an emphasis on value as a way to produce convincing compositions, class discussions can also touch on color theory, light, texture, and transparency as student interest dictates. Kathy gives lots of one-on-one guidance, detailed demonstrations, and shows many examples to foster confidence. Students will come away with a deeper understanding of this medium and its expressive possibilities. Ideal for first-time painters as well as those with prior experience.  Students receive a folder of helpful handouts and blank paper for note taking as well as access to Kathy’s watercolor blog with links to demos, material sites, local exhibits and works in-progress.  

Intermediate to Advanced Watercolor Visual Arts Center Richmond, Virginia
Thursdays 10-12:30 Fall 2019 Winter 2020

Complete creative design challenges in the first half of class each week to discover your personal visual style and expressive language in watercolor. The challenges will cover plein air, oversized still life, speed painting, rendering from a clothed model, trompe l’oeil exercises and more. During the second half of class each week, you’ll work on individual projects or challenges that you’ve selected with the instructor. A willingness to work on these paintings outside of class is beneficial for personal growth. (For the experienced watercolorist or students who are comfortable with the exercises
in Introduction to Watercolor

‚ÄčClassical Drawing Intensive
September 23-27 2019
Visual Arts Center, Richmond,Virginia

Learn a classical approach to rendering that the instructor learned at the New York Academy of Art and the Student Art League; which she has taught on a university level. We'll cover techniques and concepts including sighting, blocking enveloping, contour and value scale. Slides and discussions of masterworks also included. 

SketchJournals on the Go Visual Arts Center Richmond, Virginia
Winter 2020

Want to be able to capture that sense of a wonderful moment and/or place whether traveling or just hanging out? In this two part class, participants will first make their own sketchbook to their own specs as then learn several easy and successful strategies for drawing, painting, collage and writing to turn their adventures into  hand held works of art.  Mini-field trips within and outside the center will offer source material and inspiration.