Kathy is currently reassessing her teaching approach and schedule due to the lock downs caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please check back in the winter, when possible on-line and/or hybrid options will be posted.

On-Line Version/Schedule: 

 Kathy believes with on-line instruction, a multi-modality approach ensures highest level of student success.

Materials list will be sent out two weeks before class begins. 

Previous On-Line Format: Base of the class is built on synchronous weekly zoom meetings of 90 minutes for demonstrations (with asynchronous video backup), that include slide shows, group discussions and brief one-on-one consults. Supporting modalities are: email and image sharing with mark ups for individual critique, private Facebook class page for community building and voluntary sharing of student work as well as short videos and file attachments for further detailed instruction.  

 While there will be some one-on-one teaching during Zoom sessions, the majority of the one-on-one critiques will be done via email and photo attachments. Majority of painting would need to be done outside of Zoom class meeting.

Possible Hybrid:  

Depending on CDC, WHO and/or local government guidelines.  Classes may meet the first time outside in a socially distanced masked environment, then move to the on-line version above.